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Our Mission

Since 2012, Driveway Finance has been making auto financing more straightforward as the primary lender for Lithia Motors and Lithia-owned dealer groups. We’re driven by principles that shape our company culture everyday, supporting our continued delivery of top-notch service and products.

Our Core Values

Earn Customers

For Life

Take Personal




Have Fun

Our Team

Originally established as Southern Cascades Finance Corporation, the team at Driveway Finance today lives and breathes the same passion for serving others and providing real value across the board.

Work with Driveway Finance

Put your career in the fast lane when you join our dynamic team.

Let Us Help

If you have questions or need additional support,

reach out to our experts today.

Founding Members

Alex Allen (Founding Director)
Ricky Moore
Necia Ames
Lori Briggs
Jenn Jones

Amanda O’Callahan
Tasha Stuck
Kyle Stutzman
Cathy Qui
Amy Kong

Jack Zhu
Lindsay Papa
Jessica Williams
Andrew Brockey
Brian Zwingelstein

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